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X-Drive II VP2060 Review

x-driveII Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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The X-drive II VP2060 is a portable HDD that features a 6 in 1 reader, that will copy your memory cards to the internal HDD. It has a B/W Lcd screen with information about battery, file transfer, error messages, charge status and USB access. The device can also be used as a USB combo card reader when it is connected to a PC. Note that the device does not come with a HDD, that must be purchased separately


Supported memory cards: Compact Flash(1 and 2), Smart Media, Memory Stick, Secure Digital Card, Multimedia Card, Microdrive. (and XD if you have a XD to CF converter)

LCD: Amount of battery power, file transfer status, HDD out of memory, Memory card/HDD error, USB access, Charge Status

Hard disk size: 2,5"

USB 2.0 compatible

Battery life: 1.6 hours (not in my tests)

File system: supports FAT 12/16/32

weight: 300g (with HDD and battery)

Dimensions: 130x75x25 mm (5.12x2.95x0.98 in)

Manufacturers web site:


  • Supports allot of cards. Supports almost every card on the market
  • User up gradable HDD.


  • Battery life. Average copying seems to be 3-4 2 Gigs CF cards.
  • Speed. Takes way to long to copy cards.
  • No way to tell how much of you memory card is left to copy.
  • Support. Really bad support for drivers, and you cant even get the manual for it online.
  • Lcd. The lcd screen don't give you much information about what`s going on, and there is no picture preview.
  • Software. The software supplied is not good enough.
  • Manual. The manual is more or less useless


Reading the specifications on this device, it seems really good. That's what i thought when i bought it, only to find out the software was terrible, the battery life is terrible, the support is terrible, and so on. The only plus on this device is that it supports allot of memory cards, but i would trade all the card slots (expect the CF) for some better battery life, the battery life is just horrible. On an average i get to copy 3-4 2 Gigs CF cards, then the battery is dead. The copy time for a full 2 Gigs CF card is 30 minutes in room temperature.... The card used was a Lexar 2 gig 133X, the X-drive also used half its battery power to do this. The x-drive had the latest firmware on it.

To put it simple DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT

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