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Nikon D90 Commander Mode / Wireless Flash Setup

The Nikon D90 can be used as a master/commander flash unit. The D90 is however limited to 2 groups of flashes, compared to 3 groups on the SU-800

Nikon D90 commander mode setup step 1
Press menu and navigate to the custom setting menu, the one with the pen icon on it, then choose sub-menu e. To confirm selection press ok, or right on the multi selector.

Nikon D90 commander mode setup, step 2
Navigate to custom setting e3. Confirm the selection.

Nikon D90 Commander mode setup, step 3
On this screen you have four choices, TTL, M, RPT and Commander mode. Pick commander mode and confirm selection.

Nikon D90 Commander mode setup, step4
In this menu, you set-up the different modes you want for you`r wireless flash needs. Press ok when you are done, and you are ready to use the D90 as a master/commander flash unit.

Nikon D90 Commander mode setup, final
If you followed the steps above you should now see a C next to the flash icon in custom setting #e2. This tells you that the camera is now in commander mode.

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