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Where it all started

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been interested in photography, unfortunately I didn't really get on the photo wagon until years later. My very first camera was a Hanimex 35es, I was about 12 at the time when i got that, this camera was not really used to photograph anything useful, it was mostly used to take silly pictures. After that camera, single use cameras was used for years. It was when I was about 21 when I started traveling quite a bit, that the need to take pictures arised in me. Unfortunately at that time what was used, was mostly instant cameras, since I prioritized to fund my travels instead of a camera. I did not start getting serious about photography until 2004

my first camera
Hanimex 35es, my first camera. (I cant believe i still have it)

eos 3000
It was in the year 2000 I got my first Slr camera, a Canon EOS 3000. I got this camera a couple of months before i was going to Vancouver B.C., I finally decided that I wanted more control over my pictures, and a Slr camera seemed to be the obvious choice, deciding the camera was not a obvious choice, that was simply left to the person selling me the camera in the store. Well that was the last time a decision like that was left to people not knowing what is what.

Early in 2001 my Childhood friend Torkild Kaland, really got me hooked on Photography, I hadn't seen him for a long time, and we started talking, and we both found out we where into Photography, Thanks to him, he set me straight and converted me to a Nikon man. (It all makes sense if you are on a limited budget) The Norwegian second hand market is full of old Nikon equipment. He took me to a Second hand Camera store (Antonio Stasi classic cameras), which lead me to my first Nikon camera,
The F90x, with a MB10,
and a 35-80mm standard zoom lens.
It all went downhill from there, like a snowball rolling down a hill, I was hooked. Bigger, better, faster, more more.

I had always been interested in skateboard and snowboard photography(started skateboarding when I was 14, sowboarding when I was 15), so a camera capable in doing sequences was a obvious choice.
After using the F90x for about year, I had the opportunity to upgrade to
The Nikon F5, I was super stoked.

rolleiflex F3.5 tessar
Same year I bought the F5, I got a Rolleiflex f/3.5 tessar for a give-away price.


After using the F5 for a couple of years, I started to realize that I needed to do the switch to Digital, The Nikon D2H was the obvious choice.

Early in 2007 I was in need for more resolution, my D2H easily prints to 13"x19", but I needed more resolution for a job I was hired to do, so I went and got myself the Nikon D200.

Nikon D3
December 6th 2007 Nikon D3, the D3 replaced both my D2H and the D200.

The cameras I currently own and use is; Nikon F5, F4, F3, F2, F, D3, D2H IR, Rolleiflex 3.5 tessar. The F5 ,F4 ,F3 ,F2, F and Rolleiflex is used for BW work.

Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio

Camera History

Hanimex 35es
Polaroid camera
Canon EOS 3000
Nikon F90x
Nikon F5
Rolleiflex f/3.5 tessar
Nikon FM10
Nikon D2H
Nikon D200
Nikon F3
Nikon D1X (IR)
Nikon F
Nikon D3
Nikon F2
Nikon F4

Nevada desert
Nevada Desert 1999, Kodak single use camera.

brighton utah
Brighton Utah 2000, Single use panorama camera.

vancouver B.C.
Vancouver B.C.2001, Canon Eos 3000

Bergen Norway 2001, Canon Eos 3000.

First sequence
Bergen Norway 2002, F90x, First sequence.

Bergen Norway 2002, Nikon F90x

The Arctic Challenge, Trysil Norway 2003, Nikon F5

TAC 2003, Nikon F5

Kai ove skaftnesmo
Folgefonna Norway 2004, Nikon F5, Agfa Neopan 100

Folgefonna Norway 2004, Rolleiflex f/3.5 tessar

fonna 2005
Folgefonna Norway 2005, Nikon D2H
Kai ove skaftnesmo xingedalen 2005
Xingedalen Norway 2005, Nikon D2H
Glenn Elingsen
Myrkdalen Norway 2006, Nikon D2H
IR 2006
First IR attempt, early 2006, Nikon D2H
glass o watervinglass
Studio work 2007, Nikon D200


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